Join the Hawks Basketball Academy for a virtual summer experience. Here you will find Fun Activities, Full Workouts and Individual Skills and Drills for you to work on to improve your game!

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Video Index

Video TitleTopicSkill LevelInstructorDrill/ WorkoutWatch
1 - 2 Shooting DrillForm ShootingAdvancedChris JentDrillWatch Now!
3-3-3 Dribbling DrillBall HandlingBeginnerChris JacobsDrillWatch Now!
Advanced Ball HandlingBall HandlingAdvancedAJ GwynDrillWatch Now!
Ball Circles WarmupsBeginnerChris JacobsDrillWatch Now!
Ball CrawlWarmupsBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Ball Handling 4 ConesDribble MovesAdvancedAJ GwynDrillWatch Now!
Ball Handling Workout 1Ball HandlingBeginnerMultipleWorkoutWatch Now!
Ball Handling Workout 2Ball HandlingAdvancedMultipleWorkoutWatch Now!
Ball SlapsWarmupsBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Ball TapsWarmupsBeginnerMelvin HuntDrillWatch Now!
Bounce PassPassingBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Chaine TurnsATL Hawks DancersBeginnerAHD CodyDrillWatch Now!
Chest PassPassingBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Combo MovesFootworkAdvancedDan SearlDrillWatch Now!
Complete Player WorkoutMultipleBeginnerMultipleWorkoutWatch Now!
Crossover & Between the LegsDribble MovesBeginnerChris JacobsDrillWatch Now!
Crossover DribblesBall HandlingBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Crossover/ Between/ BehindDribble MovesAdvancedChris JacobsDrillWatch Now!
Dribble Move One Hand PassingPassingAdvancedNate BabcockDrillWatch Now!
Figure 8 DribblingBall HandlingBeginnerChris JacobsDrillWatch Now!
Fitness WorkoutFitnessBeginnerKK SalmonsonWorkoutWatch Now!
Form ShootingShooting with a HoopBeginnerGreg FosterDrillWatch Now!
Form ShootingShooting w/ HoopBeginnerAJ GwynDrillWatch Now!
Form Shooting ProgressionShooting with a HoopBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Form Shooting w/ DribbleForm ShootingBeginnerChris JacobsDrillWatch Now!
Front PivotFootworkBeginnerMatt HillDrillWatch Now!
Hawks Square (Box Drill)FootworkBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
HeadspringATL Hawks DancersBeginnerAHD LindsayDrillWatch Now!
Hip Hop ComboATL Hawks DancersIntermediateAHD JaylaCombo DrillWatch Now!
Hip Hop Combo (Beginner)ATL Hawks DancersBeginnerAHD Isabelle Combo DrillWatch Now!
How Does a Basketball Spin On Your Finger?Science of Basketballn/aProf. Labcoatn/aWatch Now!
In and Out CrossoverDribble MovesBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Jab StepFootworkBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Jazz ComboATL Hawks DancersBeginnerAHD HollyCombo DrillWatch Now!
Jump RopeWarmupsAdvancedMatt HillDrillWatch Now!
Jump Stop PivotsFootworkBeginnerDaniel QuintanillaDrillWatch Now!
Jump Stop Shooting DrillForm ShootingAdvancedChris JentDrillWatch Now!
Ladder DrillWarmupsAdvancedMarlon GarnettDrillWatch Now!
Layup JumpsWarmupsBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
LIVE Basketball Workout #1MultipleIntermediateMultipleWorkoutWatch Now!
LIVE Basketball Workout #2MultipleIntermediateMultipleWorkoutWatch Now!
Mikan DrillShooting w/ HoopBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Morning StretchATL Hawks DancersBeginnerAHD JasmineDrillWatch Now!
One Hand PassingPassingAdvancedNate BabcockDrillWatch Now!
One Hand Passing - Skip/ PocketPassingAdvancedNate BabcockDrillWatch Now!
Overhead PassPassingBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Pivot/Shot Fake/ JabFootworkAdvancedMatt HillDrillWatch Now!
Retreat DribbleDribble MovesAdvancedJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Reverse Mikan DrillShooting w/ HoopBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Scissors DrillDribble MovesBeginnerChris JacobsDrillWatch Now!
Shoot and MoveShooting with a HoopAdvancedGreg FosterDrillWatch Now!
Shooting WorkoutShooting with a HoopBeginnerMultipleWorkoutWatch Now!
Shot Fake DrillForm ShootingBeginnerKevin HuerterDrillWatch Now!
Speed Ladder BasicsFootworkBeginnerJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Stationary Cross & Between the LegsDribble MovesBeginnerChris JacobsDrillWatch Now!
Story Time: Good Night MoonATL Hawks Dancersn/aAHD Alyssan/aWatch Now!
Storytime -Oh, The Things You Can Think!ATL Hawks Dancersn/aAHD Alexisn/aWatch Now!
Tennis Ball Wall TossBall HandlingAdvancedMarlon GarnettDrillWatch Now!
Toss, Catch & ShootShooting w/ HoopAdvancedJon BabulDrillWatch Now!
Trae's Shooting TipsForm ShootingBeginnerMarlon GarnettDrillWatch Now!
Warmup RoutineFitnessBeginnerJon BabulWorkoutWatch Now!
Water Bottle Ball HandlingBall HandlingBeginnerBridget RobinsonDrillWatch Now!
Why Does a Basketball Bounce?Science of Basketballn/aProf. Labcoatn/aWatch Now!